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Share a book, save a tree, and get another one yourself | March 4th, 2009
PaperBackSwap.com is an online bookswapping site that offers a chance to send old book to fellow book lovers. (Brandi brought this site to my attention.) I sent out over half a dozen books within a couple weeks of joining, and now have credits to order books myself.

While the benefits of getting new books is one thing, there is also the bonus of sending a book to someone knowing they actually want it -- they requested it specifically. Not only does this help them but I've found it useful for uncluttering my bookshelf while it also reduces waste.

Of the books I've ordered on PaperBackSwap, all have been in good condition. Additionally, book credits can be swapped for DVD or CD credits on the sister sites SwapADVD.com (3 for 2) and SwapACD.com. While these sites aren't yet as large as PaperBackSwap in the community and selection, there are still plenty of good items available.