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Point Dume, Zuma Beach County Park

Brigid, Colin, Dave, David, Jagy, Keith, Meenal, and Zhang Zhang were this hike's participants.

For an SGSA event, several of us hiked out at Point Dume in Malibu. This hike differed from any of the previous hikes we had gone on in that it was a beach hike (and a moderately short one). Hiking from the parking lot, we made our way up to Point Dume, which held a beautiful overlook of the surrounding beaches and ocean. After spending a little time relaxing at our 200' summit, we made our way to the opposite side of Point Dume and to the tide pools. None of us had to look hard to find the plentiful star fish and anemones in the area.

Movie of sea urchin

The biologist of the group, Colin, was the quickest at finding the more elusive creatures -- a sea urchin and a rather obscure creature which we were unable to identify. After 45 minutes of wandering and looking through the area, we made our way back up to Point Dume and returned to our vehicles. Many of us rounded off the night with a stop at Souplantation, leaving with full bellies.