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Malibu Creek, Malibu Creek State Park

David, Jagy, and Pat were this hike's participants.

The sun shining on this chilly day, it was a good time for a hike. Within five minutes of entering the park, we spotted our first wildlife of the day -- a coyote. Walking along Malibu Creek on flat ground we saw numerous ducks, some swimming along and others standing on rocks. With trees and bluffs surrounding us, we made our way to Century Lake and took a short break to take in the sound of water flowing and solidarity from the touring groups that were making their way around the park.

After Century Lake, we made it to the Rock Pool. With a short cliff on one side, a steep slope of somewhat solid rock on another, and the sun shining across the pool, this was the most peaceful moment of the hike. After a 10 minute stop that was spent mostly in silence enjoying the ambience, we began our return journey. Taking an alternative route, we found ourselves at a shallow stream crossing. Pat and myself balanced across a path of rocks; Jagy braved the water and walked straight through, hiking the remainder of the trail in wet, but slightly cooler shoes.

Summary composed by David.