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Red Rock Canyon, Malibu

This hike was headed up by Dave Zes. Brandi, Brigid, Dave, David, Eric, Esa, Jai, Jagy, and Robert participated on this hike. (Nine hikers!)

Esa also has pictures located on Flickr.

The hike was an easy and short one. The drive to the trail was long but went thru enviable upscale residential neighborhoods. Though an overcast day it had its own charm, especially for certain kinds of photography. The trail is a good one for those interested in fossils which reveals how far geological changes have taken place, further implying the universality of impermanancy. During the last half hour of the trail we gained considerable elevation to give us a good workout though not very strenuous. I recommend this hike to any one, especially for the novice. The company was excellent.

Summary composed by Jagy.