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Rustic Canyon, Will Rogers Park

Angela, Brigid, David, and Esa were this hike's participants.

Angela, David, Esa and I recently tackled another trail in Topanga Canyon State Park, this time setting out from the Will Rogers end. We failed to find free parking and a few poorly marked trails had us a little confused, so things were off to a rough start. But soon we were on our way. The loop started us up an incline for several miles and we were able to enjoy ocean views and identify spots in the park that we had trekked on previous hikes. The weather was good and the trail was quiet. We then hiked downhill, descending all the way down to a creek bed that the remainder of our hike would follow closely.

The creek was a weak trickle in places, but required daring leaps from rock to rock in others. My feet got wet. I can´t speak for the feet of the others. On several occassions, we wondered if we´d lost the path altogether, but we found our way and the last portion of the hike was on dry land. The hike was physically challenging, but two hikers were hungry for more. David looped back at one point to see a waterfall that the path had navigated around and Esa attempted to leap over a picnic table. He came very close. All in all, an excellent hike.

Summary composed by Brigid.